Our Aims & Objectives
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Our Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Federation shall be:

( i )The advancement of Sanatan (Hindu) Religion (Dharma)

  1. (ii)To acknowledge the knowledge and contribution of Vedas and Shastras, celebrate Festivals; practise Karmakand within Sanatan (Hindu) Community.
  2. (iii)To provide accurate knowledge and understanding of Sanatan (Hindu) Dharma and Karmakand to younger Sanatan (Hindu) Priests, youths and society at large in the UK.
  3. (iv)To provide information and guidance about the Sanatan (Hindu) Religion, Importance and celebration of religious festivals, preparation of Sanatan (Hindu) calendars (Panchangs) to Sanatan/Hindu Organisations, Institutions and Communities of the UK.
  4. (v)To liaise, advice, provide support and familiarize with the Government departments, the local authorities, and statutory and voluntary agencies with the needs of the Hindu communities in the fields of Cultural, Educational, Religious and Social.
  5. (vi)To liaise, provide support, promote and strengthen relationship and co-operation, try and maintain unity between all the Sanatan (Hindu) Karmakandi Priests in the UK.
  6. (vii)To try and maintain uniformity of the religious festival celebrations, promote, motivate and initiate ideas and support, co-ordinate festivals organised by the Sanatan/Hindu organisations by active participation or otherwise.
  7. (viii)Seek representation and affiliation with charitable and other organisations in the UK as may be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.
  8. (ix) Accept and seek donations, subscriptions/membership/affiliation, funds, grants, movable and immovable properties and other lawful funds, gifts in cash or kind.
  9. (x)Invite the learned saints, preachers or philosophers from any part of the world to deliver religious discourses to preserve and promote Sanatan (Hindu) Religion and culture.
  10. (xi)To purchase or acquire freehold or leasehold property anywhere in the UK for the use of the Federation by means of acquiring loans or funds.
  11. (xii)To publish newsletters or magazines for the promotion of the Sanatan/Hindu culture, religion, news of the Federation and affiliated members/organisations.
  12. (xiii)To do all other such things as shall further the declared aims and objectives of the Federation.

Federation President Pt Madhu Shastri at 10 Downing Street


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Correspondence Address:

Federation of Hindu Priests (UK)

Pt Rakesh Bhatt, General Secretary

c/o 40 Beaconsfield Street,

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west Midlands,

B71 1QH

Mobile: 07830 262927

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