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(Disclaimer - Please note that the Federation of Hindu Priests UK has compiled a list of Hindu Priests available for religious ceremonies, as below. The inclusion of any Priest in our list, or as one of our members, does not indicate the Federations' approval or recommendation and nor does the Federation guarantee the service or qualification of any of the Priests listed. The Federation takes no responsibility for services provided by any of the Priests listed and we re-iterate that this list is provided purely for your convenience and it is up to you to ensure that the Priests meet your requirements.)


1.Shri. Ramesh Acharya
2.Shri. Kiran K. Baxi
3.Shri. Anirudh V Bhatt
4.Shri. Chandrakant H Bhatt
5.Shri. Hemang Bhatt
6.Shri. Jagdish Bhatt
7.Shri. Jayesh I Bhatt
8.Shri. Jitendra Bhatt
9.Shri. Jiteshkumar C.Bhatt
10.Shri. Kamlesh Bhatt
11.Shri. Kanti J. Bhatt
12.Shri. Rakesh B.Bhatt  
13.Shri. Sharad H.Bhatt
14.Shri. Virendra M. Bhatt
15.Shri. Ramniklal K.Bhatt
16.Shri. Bhanushanker Bhatt
17.Shri. Mukesh Chaturvedi
18.Shri. Manharlal D.Dave
19.Shri. Lalit Dave
20.Shri. Vasant Dave
21.Shri. Mayur R. Dave
22.Shri. Nayan V. Dave
23.Shri. Naran.L. Jani Maharaj
24.Shri. Bharatkumar J. Jani
25.Shri. Chhagan S. Joshi
26.Shri. Harsukh Joshi
27.Shri. Kaushik Joshi
28.Shri. Ketul Joshi
29.Shri. Kiribati C. Joshi
30.Shri. Mahesh M. Joshi
31.Shri. Nilesh Joshi
32.Shri. Umakant G. Joshi
33.Shri. Jayesh J.  Joshi
34.Shri. Kalyanasundaram M.N
35.Shri. Ganpat M.Mehta
35.Shri. Ishwar Mehta
36.Shri. Bhasmank K. Mehta
37.Shri. Kanu Mehta
38.Shri. Kishor K. Naker
39.Shri. Manu Pandit
40.Shri. Bhupendra Pandya
41.Shri. Mahendra J. Pandya
42.Shri. Manmohan M.Pandya
43.Shri. Prakash F. Pandya
45.Shri. Narendra M.Pandya
46.Shri. Manish A Pandya
47.Shri. Lalit.Pandya
48.Shri. Rajendra L.Pandya
49.Shri. Arvind B.Pathak
50.Shri. Ramesh Purohit
51.Shri. Jai Prakash K. Purohit
52.Shri. Dhiru Rajgor
53.Shri. Hitendra Raja guru
54.Shri. Harish G. Raval
55.Shri. Jagdish Raval
56.Shri. Virendra B. Raval
57.Shri. Amrutlal Sevak
58.Shri. Madanlal Sharma
59.Shri. Madhu V.Shastri
60.Shri. Maharshi Shrimali
61.Shri. Ashok N.Shukla
62.Shri. Nilesh N. Shukla
63.Shri. Yogesh B. Shukla
64.Shri. Surendra J. Thanki
65.Shri. Dilip P. Trivedi
66.Shri. Rashmi M. Trivedi
67.Shri. Vipin C. Trivedi
68.Shri. Bhadresh V. Trivedi
69.Shri. Subodhchandra C.
70.Shri. Kiran P. Upadhya
71.Shri. Pradip .Upadhya
72.Shri. Praful P. Vaidya
73.Shri. Girish P. Vaidya
74.Shri. Chetan Vyas
75.Shri. Kamlesh K. Vyas
76.Shri. Shashikant R. Vyas
77.Shri. Hashmukh H. Vyas
78.Shri. Umesh Vyas
79.Shri. Chintamani Pandya
80.Shri. Vishnu Purohit
81.Shri. Ravi Bhushan

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